Alumni Mosaic

Past Events

July 1, 2008

Cambridge Reunion 2008

by Sharon Forsyth

Photo from a reunion with visiting faculty member, Sven Soderlund, with alumni studying at Cambridge University.  L-R: Mary Katherine Hom, Jim Leonard, Stuart Rochester, Michael Theolphilos and Sven Soderlund. Read more

April 1, 2008

Austin Reunion 2008

by Rosie Perera

Transforming Culture: A Symposium for Pastors & ArtistsRegent Alumni enjoy a great banquet at this event held April 1-3, 2008Perhaps it was the lure of seeing and hearing Eugene Peterson and Jeremy Begbie again, or the desire to support our fellow alum David Taylor (ThM '00) whose brainchild this conference was, or s... Read more

October 23, 2005

Auckland Reunion 2005

by Rosie Perera

Waffles with kiwi and maple syrup!  A delightful reunion around a waffle-brunch meal held in the home and garden of alumni Paul & Sara Rishworth.  The event welcomed regional NZ alums and visiting faculty Loren & Mary Ruth Wilkinson. When Alumni Council member Rosie Perera (MCS'04) ... Read more