Alumni Mosaic

February 9, 2013

Puget Sound Reunion Feb 2013

by Rosie Perera

On Sunday February 10, 2013 a group of Puget Sound Regent Alumni gathering for another reunion - this time at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. Organized and hosted by alumni, Dan Eernissee (RCF-USA board) and Kevin Hansen, there were about 30 alumni in attendance including spouses/family. 

Alumni Relations Director, Sharon Forsyth, drove down from Vancouver to welcome us. Regent College Foundation USA was well represented with alum-staffer, Charles Gibson, and alumni-Board members, Ross Stewart (Chair), David McFarlane

The gathering was an informal time with lots of opportunity to meet, chat and catch up with those living in the region. We were also glad to have an update (by alumni-staffer Mark Mayhew) on the Regent College Marketplace Institute's exciting project that encompasses the filming of the ReFrame course for DVD distribution.  

Thanks go out to alumni Dan & Kevin for their leadership in hosting this year's gathering. And we deeply appreciate each of you for coming out and taking to hear some of your current life stories. Already looking forward to the next gathering! 



  • Front row: Charles Gibson, Sharon Forsyth, Scott Mann, Amber Robbins-Ghormley (and kids), Matt Ghormley, Mark Mayhew.
  • Middle row:  Rosie Perera, Doug Early, Jeff Anderson, Nancy Wilcox Anderson, Kira Heflin, Megumi Morrill, Forrest Inslee, Wally Kowalski, Patty Hansen, Jeff Patrick 
  • Back row:  Dan Eernissee, Alan Graves, Matt McCoy, David Anderson, Bob Stallman, Ron Herms, Kevin Hansen, Steve Schuh, Ross Stewart.
  • Attended but not pictured: Daniel Azuma & Ada Pan, Louise Holert, Kathy Herms, Rosemarie Kowalski and Jolene Stallman.