Alumni Mosaic

November 4, 2013

Bellingham Reunion Nov 2013

by Rosie Perera

We had a successful Bellingham area alumni reunion on Saturday, Nov 2. This informal gathering was a wonderful chance to reconnect with alumni in the Whatcom County area. And we were so grateful for the hospitality of the alumni who work at Logos headquarters and managed to secure the lounge space for this reunion of 28 Regent alums. 

The event was organized and hosted by Bellingham alumni Charis Weathers, Benjamin Amundgaard, and Elliot Ritzema. 


L to R:  

John Hoyte, Jon & Diane Mutchler, Allan S Graves, Cathy Haskell, Sarah Kelly Matichuk, Ben Amundgaard, Rob Haskell, Luci Shaw, Derek Brown,James Matichuk, Matt Malyon, Jen Amundgaard, Paul Peterson, Jeff Flint, Matt McCoy, Kim Bilyeu, Elliot Ritzema, Chris Eltrich, Jeff Eriksen, Charis Weathers, Marc Russell, Philip Reilly, Jennifer Thomas, Janet Russell, Tracy Imbach, Rosie Perera, and David Westerlund.