Alumni Mosaic

August 2, 2011

Auckland Alumni Dinner 2011

by Philip Church

Auckland Alumni gathered for an information evening with visiting professor, Iain Provan. Iain was travelling in Australia and New Zealand, combining holidays with wife, Lynette, while making time to connect with alumni and meet prospective students at a series of lectures held in various cities, including: Auckland, Wellington, Christ Church, Dunedin, Sydney and Melbourne.  

While in Auckland Iain spoke several times at Laidlaw College.  And earlier in July, Iain presented a public lecture co-sponsored with our friends at Compass Foundation, and hosted by alumnus, Andrew Shamy.


Front Row L-R:  Philip Church, Libby Thorp, Rachel Kitchens, Lynette Provan, Karen McIntosh, Ruth McConnell.

Back Row L-R:  Glen McIntosh, Alan Thorp, Andrew Shamy, Iain Provan, [?] , Murray Gow, Pang Hee Hung, [?] , Mark McConnell.