Alumni Mosaic

July 31, 2008

Early Years Reunion (1969-1989)

by H. D. Sandy Ayer

"People were so excited to chat, they stayed on and on.  We had to practically push folk out the door at the end of each day just so we could lock up the College!" says Sharon Forsyth, Regent staff member since 1982 and current Director of Alumni Relations.

One of the summer's key events was this reunion of students, faculty and staff from Regent's EARLY YEARS: 1970-1988.  These years included those who's studied in the earlies classrooms in the basement of VST, through the Frat house years.  The entire event was held 'under the green roof' and featured extensive bouts of visiting, plenty of good food, laughter, music, celebration and worship.  And although the phrase "remember when" saw frequent use, this reunion contained a surprisingly forward focus that was remarked on by numerous attendees.

Rita Houston could frequently be heard murmuring--"Hallelujah, hallelujah! To God by the glory for the things he has done!" --a response to the work God has accomplished in the lives of these alums and the work God has done in and through Regent College.

What these early alums do not know, is that every September during Orientation week, each group of new students that enters is told the story of the founders of Regent:  the first theologians who sacrificed to see a dream realized, and those first groups of students who helped to make Regent not only what it was then, but what it is now.

President Rod Wilson, in his address to the reunion alums, challenged them to consider what it would mean to steward the current generation of students at Regent College.  "We look forward to their continued input and involvement."

Sharon adds that although it was amazing to have most of the beloved 'early years' faculty, notably missing was "our dear Carl & Betsy Armerding, who were scheduled to be at a wedding out of town on this reunion weekend.  We missed them!  But glad to hear that a small party honouring Carl's 70th birthday and a festschrift (by David Baker & Ward Gasque) was held in the week prior to the reunion weekend."

This article written and published for The Regent World by Interim Editor, Stacey Gleddiesmith, MDiv 2007, Development Writer.