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Over 200 Regent alumni maintain blogs on every conceivable subject: Christianity and pop culture, sermon reflections, theology and the arts, daily family life, book reviews and more. 

These links do not imply Regent College’s endorsement of all the views on these blogs, and we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

Mosaic Blog

This Mosaic Blog is simply the collected morsels from the daily blogs of Regent alumni, faculty and students, highlighting a recent selection of best of blogs—keeping in mind that there is much more than we could possibly share!

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Featured Alumni Blogs

This is a selected list that we refresh every season.

Many Horizons
A group of students who used to enjoy sharing their ideas with one another and reading together when they were all at Regent. Now scattered around the world, this blog seeks to continue the conversation, capturing their diverse interests and many disciplines (biblical studies, philosophy, theology, bioethics, literature) that serve and encourage the Church.

Thinking Worship by Stacey Gleddiesmith (MDiv 07)
Stacey steps into the gap between the theologian and the practitioner, exploring various areas of worship theology, keeping an eye out for the practitioner in process. Her blog includes book reviews, reflections, and examinations of various trends and practices of the Christian church.

Gary Thomas | Closer to Christ. Closer to Others.
Alumnus Gary Thomas (MCS 88) is a bestselling author and international speaker whose ministry brings people closer to Christ and closer to others. He unites the study of Scripture, church history, and the Christian classics to foster spiritual growth and deeper relationships within the Christian community.

Unfolding Forms by Brett Potter (MCS 10)
The intersection of theology, art, and culture in the twenty-first century, from the perspective of a PhD student at the Toronto School of Theology who also spends time writing poetry and making experimental films.

Diary of an Arts Pastor by David Taylor (ThM 00)
“A diary of ruminations and happenings of an arts pastor who never wanted to be a pastor and never thought he could be an artist.”

Rumblings by Ryan Dueck (MCS 09)
“The kinds of things that occupy me here are ‘rumblings’ in one form or another—things that make me uncomfortable or force me to pay attention to God and the world that he has made in a way that I previously hadn’t.”

Jo Harris Swinney (MCS 04)
Jo Swinney is a writer, speaker, and editor. About twice a week she posts reflections to this particular blog where she explores the spiritual life, depression and being a writer.

The Tentative Apologist by Randal Rauser (MCS 01)
An exploration of faith, knowledge, reason and doubt. Randal is a prolific blogger, and has recently published a new book, What on Earth do we Know about Heaven?

Living Theology by John B. MacDonald (MCS 06)
John B. MacDonald is an associate with Outreach Canada Ministries with a strong desire for making disciples. The goal for living theology is to equip and encourage you to become more like Jesus Christ and to live all of life with God-honoring competence and joy.

Sabbath Walk by Conrad Yap  (MDIV 08)
An exploration of creation and vocation. Conrad has several blogs as well as one dedicated to book reviews.  

Soul Food Vancouver by Ron Reed (DipCS 82)
Includes updates on Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, as well as notices and reflections on other drama and music happenings in the area.

Faculty blogs and websites

As alumni, we know you love to follow the activities of your former faculty members. Here are some quick links to a few faculty blogs and websites.

Iain Provan (Professor, Biblical Studies)
Iain Provan maintains a website about his research, teaching, and speaking engagements.

Maxine Hancock (Professor Emerita, Interdisciplinary Studies and Spiritual Theology)
Maxine Hancock writes from her new home, the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.

Paul Spilsbury (Professor, Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament Studies)

Paul Stevens (Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology)
Paul Stevens maintains a website about his teaching, coaching, advocating, and publishing activities, focusing on faith and social enterprise.

John Dickson (Sessional Lecturer)
John Dickson's blog is entitled "Speak Think Write Sing."

Paul Helm (Teaching Fellow)
Paul Helm writes about philosophical theology.

Larry Hurtado (Sessional Lecturer)
Larry Hurtado’s blog “comments on the New Testament and Early Christianity (and related matters).”

Glen Scorgie (Sessional Lecturer)
Glen Scorgie's blog includes posts on various current controversial issues such as the proposed Keystone pipeline and the budget deficit in the United States.

Gordon Smith maintains a website about his various activities, with a focus on theological education in the developing world.

FEATURED Student blogs

Et Cetera
This is Regent’s own student newspaper, published weekly September to April by the Regent College Student Association.