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July 14, 2016

Grace and Repentance Make a Denomination Home

by Joshua McDonald

Life lands us in the strangest places. Here I am in a coffee shop in Indianapolis, listening to a Postal Service song that was an anthem for me walking the streets of Vancouver ten years ago. To trace how I got here would be like replaying a pinball machine from job to job and state to state, finally landing me as the associate pastor of a small congregation here in the Midwest. When I graduated from Regent in 2007, my plans were much more interesting, and much less clear than they were when I arrived there in 2003. But God gives more grace (James 4:6). My denomination, Grace Communion International, has been a bigger pinball in a bigger machine and experienced God’s big grace. We are a small but widely spread group, with 50,000 me... Read more

May 2, 2016

New Book "Two Civil Wars" by Alumna Katherine Jeffrey

by Joana Pinto

Alumna Katherine Jeffrey (MCS'80) just published the book Two Civil Wars: The Curious Shared Journal of a Baton Rouge Schoolgirl and a Union Sailor on the USS Essex, which is both an edition of an unusual Civil War–era double journal and a narrative about the two writers who composed its contents. The initial journal ent... Read more

February 29, 2016


by Joana Pinto

Alumnus Paul Martens (ThM'00)'s book Kierkegaard and Christian Faith responds directly to the perennial and problematic concern of how to read Kierkegaard. Specifically, this volume presses the question of whether the existentialist philosopher, who so troubled the waters of nineteenth-century Danish Christendom, is ... Read more