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December 9, 2008

Sandra Vander Schaaf makes the news

by Sandra Vander Schaaf

As featured on a recent CTV news broadcast in December 2008. This video is about a very special party and fundraiser, held in honour of alumna Sandra Vander Schaaf. The event was organized by loving friends in celebration of Sandra's life, her current battle with cancer and her 40th birthday! Read more

November 21, 2008

Early Years Reunion (July 2008) - Chapel Homily

by Peter Shaw

Chapel Homily — Sunday July 27, 2008 My text is from Matthew chapter 10 verse 16, ‘be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves’. At a theatre in London recently I was looked firmly in the eye by C.S. Lewis. He was peering down from a great height and looking rather severely at me. How could that be I hear you thinking. The venue was a production of Shadowlands which is about the marriage of C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidson. The play was about to begin. Charles Dance, the actor playing C.S. Lewis, walked on. A mobile phone went off close to where I was sitting. It was not my phone: it was the phone of my immediate neighbour! But Charles Dance frowned at me severely: perhaps because I was in a suit and looked as if I was a prime susp... Read more

November 21, 2008

Early Years Reunion (July 2008) - President's Address

by Rod Wilson

Notes of a presentation by the President of Regent College, Rod Wilson, at the Saturday morning session during the 'early years' alumni reunion weekend (July 2008). I am thrilled to be part of this weekend. Having spent a lot of time seeking to understand the history of Regent College it is wonderful to have this commu... Read more

October 27, 2008

Lin Too Pang - Regent World (Fall 2008)

by Lin Pang

Lin Too Pang comes from a traditional Chinese family in Malaysia where, as a single woman, she has always lived with her parents and her younger sister. After twenty years in banking, she decided she wanted a deeper understanding of God, so, in 2005, she resigned from her job and came to Canada for the first time, to stu... Read more

August 1, 2008

Early Years Reunion (July 2008) - a reunion reflection

by Lindi Lewis

Unplugged and Reconnected"Lost in wonder, love and praise" Glued to our seats in the Regent chapel after Sunday morning worship, each of us listening to the postlude on Celtic harp, a once-in-a-lifetime Body of Christ, still tasting the wine on our lips, seeing the faces of these former classmates and friends, replaying... Read more