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July 1, 2006

Motherhood: From Educator to Learner

by Jasona Brown

Going to School I graduated from Regent College in 1996, but the day the Lord “took me to school” was the day my first daughter, Hannah, was born: July 16, 1999. I was enrolled in his program “Motherhood as Spiritual Formation,” with a hearty emphasis in “Character Development.” Two years later, I added another daughter, Audrey, and a son, Jonathan, born in February 2006. You could say that I am now carrying a “full course load!”A daily lesson looks like this:The “day” begins at 12:30 a.m. when I am awakened by Audrey’s cries:“Mommmy! Mommmmy!” I crawl from bed ready to scold her, but then I smell vomit.“When I coughed, this stuff got on my face,” she explains. She has vomited while lying on her back, and the guck has landed on her face,... Read more