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October 15, 2004

Matthew Swanson 1972-2004

by Alice Chen Anderson

Matt and Renee Swanson, like the rest of us, came to Regent to study. They also could not predict all that would happen to them. They spent much longer here than they anticipated, had children, lived in a community house, and spent most of their married life (5 of their 7 years) here in Vancouver. While Matt studied for his MDiv, Renee worked on staff in the President’s office and in the Continuing Studies department. They both had a love for life and modeled to many of us what friendship is – forgiveness, forbearance, acceptance, courage, truth, love. And from them, we caught a glimpse of what God’s friendship is. On April 9, 2003, a few days before Matt was to hand in his last, final paper for his degree, he was diagnosed ... Read more