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July 1, 2006

Motherhood: From Educator to Learner

by Jasona Brown

Going to School I graduated from Regent College in 1996, but the day the Lord “took me to school” was the day my first daughter, Hannah, was born: July 16, 1999. I was enrolled in his program “Motherhood as Spiritual Formation,” with a hearty emphasis in “Character Development.” Two years later, I added another daughter, Audrey, and a son, Jonathan, born in February 2006. You could say that I am now carrying a “full course load!”A daily lesson looks like this:The “day” begins at 12:30 a.m. when I am awakened by Audrey’s cries:“Mommmy! Mommmmy!” I crawl from bed ready to scold her, but then I smell vomit.“When I coughed, this stuff got on my face,” she explains. She has vomited while lying on her back, and the guck has landed on her face,... Read more

August 31, 2005

Alex M. Smith | 1973-2005

by Sharon Smith

On August 31, 2005 Regent student and alumnus Alex Smith died. He was 31 years old. Alex and his wife Sharon came to Regent from South Africa in 2001, Alex graduating with an MDiv in 2002 and Sharon with an MCS in 2004. Alex subsequently began ThM studies in New Testament and continued to pursue his love for the business world as a consultant with the Fulcrum Group. Sharon began PhD studies at UBC in Rehab Medicine. Over the past few years Alex struggled deeply with depression. He seemed to be getting better but this past summer experienced a serious relapse and entered into a deep dark depression. He was hospitalized for a few weeks but had been released. Even those who knew him well did not realize how very ill Alex was. On ... Read more

October 15, 2004

Matthew Swanson 1972-2004

by Alice Chen Anderson

Matt and Renee Swanson, like the rest of us, came to Regent to study. They also could not predict all that would happen to them. They spent much longer here than they anticipated, had children, lived in a community house, and spent most of their married life (5 of their 7 years) here in Vancouver. While Matt studied for his MDiv, Renee worked on staff in the President’s office and in the Continuing Studies department. They both had a love for life and modeled to many of us what friendship is – forgiveness, forbearance, acceptance, courage, truth, love. And from them, we caught a glimpse of what God’s friendship is. On April 9, 2003, a few days before Matt was to hand in his last, final paper for his degree, he was diagnosed ... Read more

April 1, 2003

Patricia Kerr 1961-2003

by Catherine Ogdon

Friend and fellow alumna, Catherine Ogdon (MCS '00), sent in this note regarding the passing of Patricia Kerr was admitted to hospital on February 21 with severe pains in her abdomen, and the Lord called her to be with him on the morning of February 27, 2003. She was 41 years of age. Her parents continue to live near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The courageous life of Patricia Kerr (MCS '94) has come to an end. Those of us who have been blessed by her love, her words and deeds, by her witness to the abiding presence of her heavenly Father in the midst of unimaginable suffering and pain, have been inspired and challenged. The unique gift of her life, generously and joyfully given to us, is a priceless treasure. We are awed and humbled as we ... Read more

January 1, 1999

The Prayer Garden (Regent World 1999)

by Jude Fredricsen

Republished from an article written by alumna Jude Fredricsen (MCS 00) for The Regent World (Fall 1999). After her graduation, Jude returned to New Zealand until her unexpected passing in November 2005, at the age of 41. Twelve years ago [1987] when the planning for the new building was underway, it was noted that there ... Read more