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May 13, 2014

Chief of Staff

by Sharon Forsyth

Editor's note: Since this article was written, Mike Baird has become the Premier of NSW with Bay Warbuton continuing in his role as Chief of Staff. Read more hereI joined Mike in 2011 with the primary goal of helping him do the best job he could as Treasurer for NSW. We agreed we would work to maintain our integrity, be ... Read more

March 1, 2013

John L Anderson

by John L Anderson

After completing a DipCS at Regent College in 1975, John Anderson obtained an MS in botany from Arizona State University. He worked as a botanist for the US Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife Service for thirty-five years, the last twenty in Arizona (where he still lives). His primary duties were conducting ... Read more

October 13, 2011

Conrade Yap - Regent World (Fall 2011)

by Conrade K.S. Yap

Social media can be a bridge as well as a barrier. While it can bring people from afar closer together, it can also create distance between people in close proximity. For example, we can joyfully interact with a friend on Skype halfway around the world, and alienate the friend sitting just next to us at the same table. The key guideline I have about social media is this: “Manage social media before it manages you.” For me, one way to do that is to practise a technological Sabbath once a week. From 6pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday, I shut my computers down. Strangely, when that happens, I am free to see that life is bigger than an Internet connection. I am free to let technology be technology. I am free to let me be me, and let God be God. ____... Read more

August 15, 2011

Dan Kirkbride - Regent World (Winter 2011)

by Dan Kirkbride

Ranching in WyomingAlumnus Dan Kirkbride (DipCS '82) writes, "I left Regent to love God and return to my family's ranch in Wyoming. On the side, I was a county commissioner for eight years, wrote a newspaper column, broadcast ball games, and served most of the ways a layman can in a small church. My big test came in accompanying my first wife through 40 months of breast cancer, a fight that ended in 1991, and subsequently adding a fine new spouse and three small stepsons to my family one afternoon in 1993. "I've treasured my critters, weather, stars, wildlife, and plants, but there are too few like-minded pals around right now. This is a winter of reinventing myself, and I'm anxious to discover where I might land." Dan states that he... Read more

May 28, 2011

Relational Risk and Re-Shaping

by Nathan McLellan

C.S. Lewis, grappling with what it means to lose a wife and friend, wrote: "Only a real risk tests the reality of a belief." His basic point was this: it is easy for us to say that we believe in something or someone, but our belief is only shown to be authentic if we are prepared to act on it. Acting on a belief involve... Read more