Alumni Mosaic

October 13, 2011

Conrade Yap - Regent World (Fall 2011)

by Conrade K.S. Yap

Social media can be a bridge as well as a barrier. While it can bring people from afar closer together, it can also create distance between people in close proximity. For example, we can joyfully interact with a friend on Skype halfway around the world, and alienate the friend sitting just next to us at the same table. The key guideline I have about social media is this: “Manage social media before it manages you.” For me, one way to do that is to practise a technological Sabbath once a week. From 6pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday, I shut my computers down. Strangely, when that happens, I am free to see that life is bigger than an Internet connection. I am free to let technology be technology. I am free to let me be me, and let God be God.


Conrade Yap (MDiv 08) has worked for more than 13 years in the technology industry and is an avid blogger. He is currently an Associate Pastor with Lord’s Peace Chapel, primarily involved in teaching and facilitating small groups.   (Published in The Regent World, Fall 2011)