Alumni Mosaic

August 15, 2011

Dan Kirkbride - Regent World (Winter 2011)

by Dan Kirkbride

Ranching in Wyoming

Alumnus Dan Kirkbride (DipCS '82) writes, "I left Regent to love God and return to my family's ranch in Wyoming. On the side, I was a county commissioner for eight years, wrote a newspaper column, broadcast ball games, and served most of the ways a layman can in a small church.  My big test came in accompanying my first wife through 40 months of breast cancer, a fight that ended in 1991, and subsequently adding a fine new spouse and three small stepsons to my family one afternoon in 1993.  

"I've treasured my critters, weather, stars, wildlife, and plants, but there are too few like-minded pals around right now.  This is a winter of reinventing myself, and I'm anxious to discover where I might land."  

Dan states that he counts his nine months at Regent as the best money he ever spent.


Published in The Regent World (Winter 2011)