Alumni Mosaic

November 26, 2015

New book "Working for God" by alumnus Colin Noble

by Joana Pinto

Alumnus Colin Noble (DipCS'91) just published a book called Working for God - What if God were your Boss? It's a book for people who long for a life that is purposeful without being pressured, satisfying without being self-centred, and God-focussed without being goalless. 

People that have been inspired by calls to follow Jesus with radical commitment, to desire God, not to waste their lives, to live with integrity. People that want to live fully devoted to God but have difficulty knowing how to do that, especially given the stress of daily life. 

What about serving God like working for a boss? What about start to work for him, seriously? What about: 

•adopt his strategic plan wholeheartedly?

•follow his instructions before all others?

•accept his invitation to enter the family business?

•trust that he had chosen the right coworkers for you?

•work with a focus on who you work for, not what you do?

•take up his mandate to rest? 

In Working for God, Colin Noble combines stories of life in Japan and Australia with biblical insight, to help you see more clearly what it means to work for the best “boss” of all and to enjoy doing so for the rest of your life.

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