Alumni Mosaic

December 10, 2014

Celebrating Ward Gasque

by Rosie Perera

Saturday, December 6, Regent College celebrated the life and ministry of Ward Gasque with the unveiling of a Festschrift in honor of his 75th birthday. Serving God’s Community: Studies in Honor of W. Ward Gasque was edited by Susan Phillips and Soo-Inn Tan and co-published by Graceworks and Regent College Publishing.

The evening started out with a reception in the Atrium followed in the chapel by a video/slide presentation of Ward’s life, introduced by Ward & Laurel’s daughter Michelle Gasque. The Atrium was full to overflowing (three tables upstairs) for a buffet dinner, after which there were remarks by Jeff Greenman, Carl Armerding, David Gill (by script), Ray Bakke, Soo-Inn Tan, and Susan Phillips. Soo-Inn and Susan presented the Festschrift to Ward. (Everyone received a copy of it afterwards.) 

Finally, Sven Soderlund closed the evening with a prayer of blessing. As was mentioned by the speakers, Ward was a pivotal founding faculty member of Regent, without whose efforts the college probably would not exist as it is today. Much appreciation was lavished upon him during the evening. About 130 people were present at the gathering, with no fewer than 19 current and former Regent faculty members, 15 current and former Board members, 26 former students of Ward’s, and 13 of the Festschrift authors, along with many other friends. 


Serving God’s Community is available through the Regent Bookstore - $45 for the book including shipping in North America.  

More news and photos of this event will be published in an upcoming edition of The Regent World. If you would like to see some of the early pictures of the event, click here.